This format has it all, tiny, cute, almost iconic, it's the kind of addictive object you want to hold in your hand...

And question of use? The little thing is very practical, it fits in your bag, in your beauty-case, in your jeans pocket, it's easy it's everywhere with you, you can draw it at any time, between a beach party or a summer evening, the Solinotes roll-on is your best friend for a perfume touch-up.

In terms of gestures, it's quite glamorous, you re-perfume yourself at any time of the day, anywhere and above all discreetly, that's really the advantage of the Roll-on. You are incognito.

With this format, the pulse points of your skin are to be prioritized and allow the fragrance to last over time: neck, inside of the elbows, back of the knees, wrists... The small ball rolls on your skin, the feeling of freshness is guaranteed.

Solinotes offer these 19 fragrances in Roll-on: tonka, pomelo, orange blossom, vanilla, yuzu, musk… All you have to do is make your choice for the summer!

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