Responsible beauty

We proudly carry the conviction that a good mood-enhancing perfume can only be a CLEAN perfume.

That's why our fragrances consist of just the essentials:

natural alcohol, flavored juice and a little water, nothing more!

All our perfumes are developed under the Clean Beauty label.

Vegan, PETA certified, and 100% Made in France, they are as good for your skin as they are for our planet.

Through these commitments, we affirm our desire to offer you simple and authentic feel-good perfumery, values that are dear to us.

Leave behind a trail of positive energy!

Sourcing & Recyclability

In the Solinotes philosophy, wearing perfume is above all a pleasure and must also be a respectful act.

Also, we are committed every day to responsible and ethical sourcing with our various partners.

Because committing to you, to us, to nature and the environment is obvious for Solinotes.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable in sorting bins.

Find all the sorting information specific to each product on their description sheet.