At Solinotes, we believe that a perfume is not just about smelling good!

Much more than that, it must be able to connect to your emotions, your personality, to reveal only the essential, you!

Add a good dose of feel-good, hypersensitive optimism and you have a light, optimistic and deeply creative collection.

Our perfumes are real mood enhancers

Smells act on our MOOD and emotions. Smell, feel, one memory then another, a more than real impression, like an instant shoot!

It is this “superpower” that Solinotes contains at the heart of its perfumed creations.

Because it is important to us to cultivate your happiness, our perfumes are as colorful as they are benevolent.

Benefits of Vanilla, soothing and comforting, Jasmine, confidence booster, Almond, regressive and sweet… these are all good vibes that we encapsulate in a bottle, to boost your daily life.

Every day, at Solinotes, we create and imagine perfumes that wish you well.