This anglicism has become very trendy in the world of perfumery, it describes an increasingly widespread practice which consists in associating different fragrances to compose one's own olfactory signature.

The good news is that Solinotes has thought of everything so that the artist who reveals himself is you!

So where to start ?

To subtly mix scents and achieve a beautiful olfactory balance, you will need a hint of inspiration and a few tips to follow. Here, it's all about layering.

Mix fragrances from the same family to create harmony, or try really different notes for a unique pairing. It's up to you to make your own experience, it's up to you to create your own olfactory signature. There are no rules, the only limit is your creativity.

A floral scent + a spicy scent = wow

A woody scent + a citrus scent = love

A lemony scent + an amber scent = phew

The base layer
First of all choose your base layer, be careful with the powerful scents, the first scent should not take over the other layers that you will come to superimpose. This is the first rule to follow.

The creative touch
It's time to select this second layer, rather prefer a lighter fragrance so that it can be delicately fixed on your base. The renderings are sometimes unexpected, surprising, but always unique. And that's the Solinotes spirit: to surprise and innovate.

To make your own creations, Solinotes has designed a collection of 19 frangrances to mix. Now that you know the main stages of olfactory layering by Solinotes, nothing will ever be the same in your beauty routine. That's it, you're the artist.

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