To understand how a perfume works is to enter an olfactory pyramid and grasp the subtlety of all the notes.

How does it work exactly?

The top of the pyramid is made up of the top notes, the middle part, the heart notes, and the base, the base notes. These notes mingle, intertwine and respond to each other to create a constructed and unique olfactory signature. It's a real musical score.

All of these notes evaporate at different speeds depending on the size of their molecules.

Let's take the top notes are what we smell first, they are the most volatile, so they are ephemeral and only last a few moments, often this little moment is enough to install the magic...

Fortunately, heart notes are there to be long-lasting and achieve the feat of making the fragrance last for a whole day. It is these notes that represent the character of the perfume. The reactor core.

Stay the base notes , they evaporate slowly, fix the perfume and bring roundness.

It is these 3 families of notes that make up the olfactory pyramid and at Solinotes, in each of our creations, we are keen to make them play together to play the most beautiful harmonies.

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