At Solinotes we are convinced that there is a future as beautiful as it is sustainable for perfumery.

In the Solinotes philosophy, wearing perfume is above all a pleasure and must also be a respectful act.

Also, we are committed every day to responsible and ethical sourcing with our various partners.

Because committing to you, to us, to nature and the environment is obvious for Solinotes.

Vegan and Cruelty Free , our Eau de parfum and creams are not tested on animals and contain no ingredients of animal origin.

Today, to enable us to proudly continue this great Solinotes adventure with you, our products are developed under the label Clean Beauty.

why clean ? Because less is more !

We remove all superfluous ingredients, such as dyes and UV filters to keep only the essential, the perfume with its beautiful natural color…and the poetry.

And because it seems important for Solinotes to rethink the way we consume perfume to reduce our environmental footprint, these pretty bottles and their packaging are totally recyclable,

You already loved them, you will love wearing them even more.

So that you no longer have to choose between beautiful perfumery and responsible gesture, we are committed daily to creative perfumery, respectful of nature and everyone.

Spreading good vibrations for the planet at very low prices, that's the Clean Beauty Solinotes.

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