Glow is the way we illuminate, how we radiate! And it's not necessarily just a skin story! If it is important to maintain a beauty routine, glow is also a certain lifestyle, a good mood, our complexion says a lot about our mood and our way of life. It is therefore essential from now on to cultivate serenity and good vibes in our lives and then of course, take care of ourselves!

I pamper myself and regain my self-confidence

The essential thread and to cultivate your best glow is above all to pamper yourself! This will go through small moments that we agree to ourselves such as offering yourself a moment of relaxation at the spa, a little manicure or more simply spending time primping yourself in your bathroom. No, all this is never superfluous. All these moments will allow us to feel stronger, more radiant in the face of the outside world! We instantly find this glowing complexion, a reflection of this rediscovered well-being!

I wear clothes and colors that suit me

Our glow will also go through our dressing room and the way we dress! Yes, when we know what suits us, we live our days better and we shine all the more! As they say, it's the butterfly effect and one thing leads to another in a pretty positive whirlwind! For this, we first focus on our morphology and we adapt our pieces accordingly.

Also, the color palette must also adapt to the complexion of our skin and the color of our hair. For example, when one is brunette with fair skin, one puts on colors such as fir green, bright red, electric blue or fuchsia. If you have darker skin, you will prefer orange, pink, raspberry shades… For blondes, the best allies are coral, light green, peach, pastel blue…

I hydrate from the inside

Our glow also comes from within and it is very important to drink at least two liters of water every day! Indeed, the quality of our skin comes from its hydration, better still, we slow down premature aging and we illuminate with a clear and luminous complexion. Our mood will only be better! The best thing is to get a water bottle that you take everywhere to drink throughout the day. No need to drink 1.5 at once, it will have no effect but rather a few small sips throughout the day. You can also bet on foods rich in water and mainly on fruits and vegetables. If the water is tasteless, we can add a few zests of orange, yuzu or rose for its virtues on our complexion! You can also lightly perfume yourself with our rose mist…

I repeat positive affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations has a direct effect on our confidence and our glow! Why ? because they guide our days, give us heart to work and strengthen our confidence. If we feel happier, our face lights up, our features are smoother and our glow more sparkling! Among the positive affirmations, we can repeat (yes yes it works) sentences like "I am smart and I work hard for it", "I am able to achieve my goals with confidence" or even "I deserve to be happy ".

In this happy whirlwind, filled with beautiful positive resolutions, we place a few drops of sound on our wrists and in the hollow of the neck. pink perfume with regenerating and comforting virtues, to satisfy all our senses and make our mood sparkle.

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