Relaxation: Discover our relaxation tips for a cocooning evening

Cocooning is not only reserved for our long winter evenings, it is practiced throughout the year to regain energy and a good dose of good vibes! Whether you are a couple, solo or with your family, cocooning is all good, it allows you to refocus and instills good humor to recharge your batteries.

We then take advantage of getting together, of refueling with good energy by putting in all the best conditions! Candles, fireplaces, plaids, dim lights, we're going all out! No need for tricks, only the minimum is enough but you have to be convinced. To do this, follow our tips for a perfect cocooning moment.

I disconnect and empty myself

Technology is good, whether it's for contacting our loved ones on the other side of the world, sending a video, sharing our holidays, our moments of life, but... it can very quickly turn out to be anxiety-provoking and cut us off from the world, in the bad sense of the term. So, to enjoy a real moment just for yourself, we turn off our smartphones, tablets and other screens to enjoy the present moment, in peace. Better yet, to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that will be ours, we pick from our favorite playlists, a little jazz, bossa nova or classical to awaken our senses and boost our good mood. Lightly perfume yourself with our favorite vanilla body mist.

No, you are not dreaming, it is indeed a detox!

I take care of my body and my skin

Alone, as a couple or as a family, take care of your skin and treat yourself to a good soothing and boosting ritual! For this, few things to plan to pamper yourself. You can already start with a massage, a real mood enhancer. It can be relaxing, invigorating, invigorating, it doesn't matter, it wakes up our muscles and joints, it brings our senses back to life. We prefer it with a vanilla Solinotes moisturizing body balm or preferably with essential oils for a good dose of feel good! For the skin, we start with a mini spa at home by heating water with thyme in order to dilate the pores, then we apply our mask based on shea butter, honey and we exfoliate our body based on citrus fruits.

I dive into a nice hot bath

We're having a good hot bath. The hot water improves blood circulation for between 20 and 30 minutes, more for those who love to read for hours in it, the main thing is to be perfectly comfortable there. We prefer it foaming scented with relaxing essential oils of chamomile, Ylang Ylang, noble laurel…. Arnica essential oil relieves muscle pain! Absolute cocooning, we light a few candles and think of nothing.

I prefer a healthy and light meal

The heavier the meal, the more difficult it is to digest, especially in the evening, shortly before falling asleep. For our cocooning evening, it is important to hydrate well afterwards by accompanying the end of the meal with a good herbal tea.

Exit the junkfood but make way for example for a good platter of sushi or other dishes that make us happy! We can delight our taste buds with healthy foods that aim to boost our immune defenses and our good mood. It is therefore not a story of calories but of nutrients, of benefits for our bodies and our minds.

For skin-deep optimism and an instant shoot, we also draw on natural scents, those that do us good like a few drops of bran. vanilla flavor with natural anti-stress properties!

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